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Vast experience in GPS tracking and telematics

With over 20 years’ experience in vehicle tracking software Code Monkeys have built multiple platforms in house which it sells to other companies so they can focus on what there good at and leave the technical aspects of the business to the monkeys!

Our team fully understand the custom and specialist requirements a tracking system has over other technical products. With our track record of experience, and the continued and growing success of our clients, you can have the confidence that we have our finger on the pulse and the expertise to help drive your business forward.
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Why would you work with Code Monkey's?

Our hybrid database system

We utilise the power of multiple database technologies to ensure reliable, secure and fast data management
Telematics and tracking experts

An expert team of GPS tracking and telematics experts

The Code Monkey’s team is different as we are very open minded when it comes to telematics and tracking. We're not scared to do things differently, when doing things differently works better than the norm. Our vast experience has taught us to think outside the box when it comes to developing cutting-edge GPS tracking and telematics features, meaning our solutions are in many ways set aside from the competition.

We also understand the importance of using the best of multiple technologies instead of throwing our eggs into one basket, meaning we can deliver solutions that exceed expectations for our clients, and in turn your own clients. Using multiple solutions makes the management of systems easier, faster, and importantly more reliable.
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We help businesses grow

Code Monkeys have helped numerous businesses grow in the tracking industry and be successful by taking away the technical aspects of running tracking platforms.

Our services include the supply of our in-house platforms, hosting, maintenance, updating and support for your support. We also supply and configure (if required) the tracking devices which run on the platforms.
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All our team know our solutions inside out

When things go wrong, we can quickly resolve issues using our in-depth knowledge of the all systems involved

We combine development and IT Operations into one

Code Monkey also operate what is known as DevOps, which combines both the Development and IT Operations in one.

This method of working has many advantages as the developers also manage the IT operations, which allows us to be more agile in our working and also shortens cycles for product development. By having developers involved in the operations means we create the tools needed as we go which helps with smooth operations from start to finish, whilst helping tgo ensure new products being released and updated in such a way that we understand each and every system inside out and ensuring all our team fully understand every aspect of all our solutions.

When things go wrong we also can quickly understand why as we have the code of what it meant to be happening in our recent memory, meaning finding issues when they do occur are quickly resolved.
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We believe in Innovation & Investment

Code Monkeys is always striving to be innovative and produce products and software which are better than the rest, one of our driving factors is the software we write is our own, it is our solution which we have pride in. This results in a lot of long days, and nights, striving to make the product better, add features which give our clients the edge, or more useful easier to understand information, become compliant, stay in compliance… We generally don’t just do one off project’s, outside of our expertise, to keep going, we work with you, your success if our success.

The backbone to our solution success is our infrastructure, we continually invest in our servers, striving to make the setup resilient and as trouble free as possible, weather this be implementing more servers, new servers or just adding new technologies to make the management of it better, with it all being in house owned and operated we are not at the mercy of 3rd parties waiting for data center technicians to do something, and at our core location Nottingham this location was chosen due to its redundant Tier 1 network links but also its geographical location to the team, within 45 minutes we can physically be on site to rectify any issues.

R&D is also a big part of our budget, we see potential products and invest our time and hard-earned cash into exploring possibilities and ideas to keep us at the forefront. Our latest BLE gateway allows for the easy tagging of assets using a tag no larger than a 2p coin, with static or mobile gateways able to read the tag from up to 50meters away. The technology allows you to now keep tabs on the locations of assets where it was not feasible or financially sound to place a normal GPS tracker, and with the Teltonika having BLE capability and our rollout of systems to utilize this BLE in over 20,000 Teltonika devices on our systems all over the UK, each one will be able to relay when and where they detected a specific tag if that tag is on an asset someone is looking for.
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