Here at Code Monkey we find for smaller more nice applications such as tracking, solutions such as Azure and AWS can get expensive and fast to host on. This might work for large enterprises who can offset these costs against removing multiple staff members salaries from there books, but when you are a small team with little or no IT skills in house, these costs become big costs, fast, and not offset against possible savings.

At Code Monkey we own and operate all of our own hardware which we put into reputable data centres across the globe, with very little being outsourced. Chat with us about weather we could help you become more secure, more efficient and even save money on how you’re doing things today. We over subscribe our hardware requirements at each location, for both redundancy and room to expand, and have brought other solutions in house for companies to save them time and money on both management of the systems and the raw costs of what they were paying for before.  We have vast experience with Servers, Networking, Databases, Custom and Mainstream software applications, Windows and Linux systems so it might be worth a chat?

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