Open Street Map

Open Street Map Reverse Geocoding

One of the key high-volume components to tracking solutions is the conversion of a latitude/longitude to a street name, along with other attributes such as road speed. Here at Code Monkey we have implemented our own clusters of Open Street Map Servers, which over the last 12 months have handled over 10 billion requests for our existing clients. Our Open Street Map solution has no hard queries per second limit, and no hard queries per month limit so for when you need that burst of data to be processed or you’re growing and don’t realise the increase in queries, we wont just cut you off, all of this wrapped in a nice and neat RESTFUL API.

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Open Street Map Road Routing

In addition to Reverse Geocoding we also host road routing servers using Open Street Map Data, including custom conversion code which returns a all the instructions in simple readable text via a nice and neat RESTFUL API. Similar to Reverse Geocoding we have no hard limits on queries per second or queries per month, so you won’t get cut off if you do go above the agreed limits due to unusual demand or just growing and not realising your approaching the agreed boundaries.

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