New FMB140 Features

FMB140 with LV-CAN200 functionality

A half a year ago, we introduced FMB140 with the integrated CAN chip that supports LV-CAN200 functionality. Such a solution speeded up the installation work and reduced the cost of the solution. A large number of vehicles are supported – over 1,600 of the most popular cars, trucks and buses, and the database contains their connection schemes. We have the ability to read 10 main CAN parameters, including fuel level, mileage, fuel consumption, RPM and etc. *


FMB140 with ALL-CAN300 functionality

You can now order FMB140 with the ALL-CAN300 functionality, which supports over 2,650 of the most popular cars, trucks, buses, construction and agricultural machinery. The database contains a large number of connection schemes, which reduces the time required during installation. This solution has the ability to read nearly 100 parameters, including fuel consumption, fuel level from the dashboard, RPM, VIN number, AdBlue level from the dashboard, Webasto and many more parameters. *


FMB140 remote CAN chip update

Great news for customers who have FMB140 with LV-CAN200 functionality. If you have additional needs such as support for new car models and types, and the need to scan more parameters from the CAN line, there is an option to remotely upgrade the chip software to ALL-CAN300 functionality for additional fee. Our sales managers will give you more information how to do this.


FMB140 AUTOSCAN function

We follow our motto Easy key to IoT, so that all FMB140 devices connected to the CAN line for the first time automatically scan the CAN line, receive the car software number, according to which the possible parameters are scanned. This function speeds up the installation of the solution. If the device is reinstalled in another car, the autoscan function can be started from the configurator when device is connected.

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