We work closely with GPS tracking and telematics businesses, taking on the technical side of the business so our clients can focus on running their business

GPS fleet management software platform

Asset tracking software

Insurance tracking solution

We build core GPS tracking platforms from the ground up

Code Monkeys have 3 core platforms that we have written from the ground up, so we know them inside out.

Our turnkey GPS telematics solutions include our powerful fleet management software platform, a feature-packed GPS asset tracking solution and our completely bespoke GPS tracking solution which is used widely in the insurance industry.
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White label fleet tracking software solution

Built from the ground up our fleet product does everything you would expect, and more. Our passion for implementing new features and understanding how the users use the solution and the benefits they will gain from our solutions, which mean our Fleet tracking product is feature rich but simple to use.

With all the features you would expect from a modern GPS fleet tracking platform plus much more, our solution could give your business the competitive edge in a busy marketplace. 

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We're experts in custom telematics solutions

We work directly with telematics hardware manufacturers to deliver solutions that work.
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DashCam and DVR Systems

CMSv6 - DVR Solution

Teltonika - GPS Telematics Hardware

4G DashCam and DVR Systems

Code Monkey has spent the last 3 years working with suppliers of 4G Enabled camera systems. We have created custom firmware’s, and worked closely to do some very integrated solutions. Within our solutions we have integrated Live Streaming, remote file download into our platforms as an add on for our clients to be able to offer the up and coming requirement to their customers.

DashCam Standard

1080p footage at 30fps
2 channels (Forward & Cab)
Live Stream over 4G
Remote File download for footage retrieval
Live Tracking
Up to 128GB SD Card
ability to monitor driving events and auto upload events to our cloud

DashCam Pro

Everything from DashCam Standard
2 channels (Forward & Cab)
4 channel (Forward and Cab, plus 2 extra inputs for additional cameras - 1080p AHD)
Dual SD Card (up to 256GB each)
Video/Monitor output
Remote Video playback for scrubbing through footage.
ability to monitor driving events and auto upload events to our cloud

DVR Solution

Everything from DashCam Standard & Pro
Up to 8 channels
Up to 2TB HDD
Up to 256GB SD as backup
1080p AHD camera input
ability to monitor driving events and auto upload events to our cloud

CMSv6 - DVR Solution

Code Monkey have worked closely with Chinese manufacturers of video systems and have their own instance of what is known as the CMSv6 platform. This platform nearly wholly supports all DVR’s coming out of china, and it is this we have integrated with to provide the most seamless experience possible in managing our DashCam Pro and DVR remote footage access. We did not want to have to complicate the users experience with 2 platforms, 2 sets of usernames and passwords, so we integrated to the highest degree possible, making the user experience seamless when needing to get footage remotely from a DVR.

It is our passion to make things easy and our pride in our products that set Code Monkeys apart.
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We're proud partners of Teltonika - A world-leader in GPS tracking hardware

Code Monkey work closely with Teltonika, we use their hardware in all of our work, and know it inside out. Our portfolio with them includes special custom firmware developments in areas such as timed immobilization for plant, custom firmware for Driver ID to restrict the use of auxiliary equipment depending on driver, and some major moves forward in the relaying of Live Tachograph information in HGV’s.

In addition to using Teltonika products as the backbone of our data collection units we also work with there Networks division to create custom solution is for client requirements and at the end of 2021 we achieved Platinum Partner status.
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Worldwide server network

UK, USA, South Africa, Brazil

A powerful and secure network and server infrastructure at the heart of our solutions

Code Monkey run and own all their own server and network infrastructure, partnered with IOMART in the UK and CORESITE in the USA for core network hosting.

We use local data centers across the world, all with Code Monkey owned hardware, meaning we have control over our operational systems, ensuring our solutions run smoothly and quickly across the globe. 

Our private network has locations in the UK, USA, South Africa & Brazil, with ongoing plans to continually expand our worldwide server network, meaning redundant entry points into our network as well as quick and more direct connections into our network for our users, no matter where they are in the world.
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We sell a variety of GPS and telematics hardware solutions

Check out our great range of telematics and GPS tracking hardware and purchase easily online through our shop 
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Why Code Monkey as your telematics partner?

We're GPS tracking and telematics experts, specialising in custom-built, cutting-edge software and hardware solutions. 

We deal with the technical aspect of running a successful GPS tracking company for our clients, meaning our clients can get on with what they do best - running their company.
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