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We source GPS tracker technology directly from the World's leading manufacturers allowing you to buy GPS tracker tech direct from us at unbeatable prices.

From wired trackers to battery powered, we have you covered at fantastic prices.
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Proud partners of Teltonika

Code Monkey work closely with Teltonika, we use their hardware in all of our work, and know it inside out. Our portfolio with them includes special custom firmware developments in areas such as timed immobilization for plant, custom firmware for Driver ID to restrict the use of auxiliary equipment depending on driver, and some major moves forward in the relaying of Live Tachograph information in HGV’s.

In addition to using Teltonika products as the backbone of our data collection units we also work with there Networks division to create custom solution is for client requirements and at the end of 2021 we achieved Platinum Partner status.
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Bluetooth Tags

Powerful Bluetooth tracking technology in small form-factors.
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We provide a wide range of vehicle telematics system accessories for a wide range of uses.
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4G Dashcams

Browse our powerful 4G dashcams with fantastic image quality.
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Discover our awesome range of vehicle cameras.
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DVR Systems

DVR systems for recording and storing camera and telematics data.
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