Trusted TG7+

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The trusted TG7 tracker belongs to what is commonly known as a data logger, i.e. a tracker equipped with an internal microprocessor, memory, battery, and several sensors to collect various data. The data on regular data loggers is per usual stored on the unit which can be gathered later directly from the tracker or via a computer. Trusted TG7 differ from regular data loggers by transmitting data straight to servers on the internet, allowing you to retrieve data on your mobile or tablet via Trusted’s web-app.

Trusted use IoT technology (Internet of Things technology), making it possible to transmit data in real-time for subsequent analysis via Trusted’s software portal. The TG7 tracker is a battery-driven tracker that can be placed on whatever you need to track over time. With Trusted TG7, you get global tracking, long battery life due to low power consumption when inactive as well as IoT data collection. It measures 68 x 68 x 25 mm weighing 170 g - and it is easy to install.

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