We know a thing or two about infrastructure setups

Code Monkey has vast experience with small and large infrastructure setups. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to host your new venture or looking to save on existing costs we can help. 

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Open Street Map. Now we're talking!

Experience in setting up and hosting Open Street Map based solutions. Weather you want someone to setup your own OSM instance or find a competitive no hard limit provider to use we can help. 

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GPS tracking hardware is our thing

Our great relationships with the main players who make solid and reliable GPS Tracking hardware allows us to give the best support and prices on GPS Tracking hardware. If you’re looking for samples or large volume orders, we can assist.

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Leading the way on custom DVR solutions

In recent years Code Monkey has worked with multiple mobile DVR (MDVR) vendors, as well as creating our own custom software builds to run on MDVR hardware. We have great experience working with industry standard software such as CMSv6 and have or can create solutions around these products to help you achieve what you need. 

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We're software experts through and through

At the core of it all Code Monkey is a team of great software developers, mainly writing code in C# for .Net & ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, JQuery, React. However we can turn our hand to almost anything as we have done projects in C, C++, Python, Java and are currently working on an AI project using machine learning for MDVR solutions.

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